1. Applicable Temperature



2. Applications

  Various rolling element bearings, roller,   mechanical equipments or structures   worked at high temperature or in watery   surrounding.


3. Composition

  Calcium Sulphonate Complex thicker

  Synthetic base oil

4. Features

  Applicable in mezzo and high temperature condition (-20~250)

  Excellent waterproofing quality

  Excellent mechanical cutting quality and adhesion property

  Good performance of bearing heavy load, corrosion and rust protection

  Very low friction coefficient


5. Typical Properties


Typical data

Test method


Brown ointment

Eyes Survey

Cone penetration(NLGI class)

1, 2, 3

ASTM D 217

Dropping point ()                


ASTM D 2265

Steel net oil separate (100,24h)   %


ASTM D 1742-94

Corrosion (T2 sheet copper,100,24h) 

No color change

ASTM D 4048

Vapor quantity (99,22h)         %


ASTM D 972-86

Drip wastage (38,1h)           %


ASTM D 1264

Four-ball test PB (N)                


ASTM D 2596-87

Friction coefficient


ASTM D 2596-87

Sinter load PDN            %


ASTM D 2596-87

Mechanical invariability (variable rate after 0.1 million times cutting)



6. Main Properties

  It is compounded by Calcium Sulphonate Complex soap and refined mineral oil,   having extrusive performance on water proof and cutting property, the obvious   characteristic attributed to Calcium Sulphonate Complex soap, yet without   vulcanizing phenomena. The grease is good at heave load lubricating and rust   and corrosion protection as well. Injected this grease, bearings working can last   very long term during -20~+250 with low friction coefficient and little loss, thus,   actually a sort of universal grease with high quality-expense ratio

  It can be widely used in metallurgy, mining industry, transportation, power station,   chemical industry, navigation, military, steel mills, mechanical industry, automobile   industry etc. as lubricant to bearings or other frictional parts working at high   temperature.


7. Notices

  When using it, clean the bearings or parts first to avoid pollution.

  Dont mix with other greases.

  Seal the package immediately after use in case of dust pollution.

Package Specification

  397g Paper Cartridge

  1Kg Plastic Jar

  15Kg or18Kg Metal Pail

  180Kg Steel Drum